How to clean gold and diamond jewelry

Diamonds jewelry are the brightest and most brilliant, their glitter is the parameter that often causes their purchase among a choice of many variants presented by the jeweler. We wear them proudly every day of the week, for months, for years, and it goes without saying that they then lose part of their splendor, made opaque by residues of limestone, dirt, makeup. What to do? Leggimi in italiano

We do not always have the chance or the time to bring them to a jeweler for professional cleaning, so you can arrange it with a simple and fast do-it-yourself method: lukewarm water, delicate soap, toothbrush. Wind up the soap in lukewarm water, immerse gold and diamond jewels, after a few minutes cleanse with your toothbrush. Wet water helps to melt the dirt, it can also boil, but be aware of the thermal shocks that could crack the unworkable stones. The delicate soap can be replaced with a few drops of soap for dishes or toothpaste. The toothbrush is used with delicacy so as not to scratch the gold.

Other effective methods include water bath and bicarbonate, use of Alka Seltzer pads or effervescent aspirin, ammonia bath (diluted in the same amount of water).

There are other very creative home-based methods that do not have a scientific basis: vodka, beer, ketchup, and even vinegar. It goes without saying that the best way to use them remains the cooking recipes.

What to Avoid

  1. Bleach. Absolutely to avoid is the bleach, the number one diamonds and gold enemy, especially if is white gold. The bleach is corrosive and make gold opaque.
  2. The pool / jacuzzi. Avoid wearing gold and diamond jewelry at the pool / jacuzzi as the water could have been hygienized with the use of chlorine. The first obvious effect of a pool bath is the yellowing of white gold.
  3. Abrasive detergents. Home detergents can contain very aggressive substances, it is best to remove them when they are used.
  4. The thermal shock. If you want to clean your jewel in boiling water you must immerse it in cold water and bring it slowly to a high temperature so as to avoid excessive heat shifts that could crack the stone. A safer method is the use of lukewarm water.
  5. This article deals with the cleaning of jewels in gold and diamonds, in the case of jewels with other stones / silver / metals use only delicate soaps and lukewarm water and no other detergents. Pearls and corals should be cleaned only with a cloth and lukewarm water.

Professional cleaning

Homemade cleaning, which is the fastest and most economical method, does not replace the professional result. The jeweler has at his disposal the ultrasonic cleaner: jewelry is immersed in ad hoc chemicals and bombarded by frequency waves. Then there is the rhodium plating: through a galvanic bath in the rhodium gold is covered with a glossy film of a few microns, which gives the bright and white look to the gold. These are time-consuming treatments and for which the jeweler, if you are not a regular customer, asks for a fee, but the end result is amazing.

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